Pascale Gehant Photography

My passion for photography is a direct extension of my acute visual enjoyment of the world around me. Since holding my first camera as a teenager, and through years of inhaling fixer in the darkroom and processing roll after roll of medium format negatives, my pursuit of capturing beauty has become a spiritual journey. In the field with my photo hat on and my camera in hand or on its faithful tripod, I become one with the moment, the light, the shapes, the composition… an exhilarating yet humbling experience. As a hunter of fleeting moments and magical synergy, I bow in respect and gratitude for the gifts of this wonderful world… thank you buzzing bumblebee, old grand-pa tree, dilapidated barn and luscious clouds, thank you brushing light and rushing water for offering me your beauty to photograph.

This website is a celebration of this beauty, obvious or hidden, a tribute to the places and moments that gave me inspiration and joy.

But like a circle is fulfilled once its two ends meet, the experience truly concludes when these images can be shared. With you. It is my hope that through these photographs, you will be traveling along with me on the exploration of beauty, often in the most mundane and unexpected places.

This photo library is a small sampling of my vast collection of images. If you like what you see, I encourage you to return frequently to my website and see what’s cookin’ as it will be constantly updated. You can access the newest photos directly by clicking this link “New photos”. If you have any question or comment, feel welcomed to leave a message on the “Contact me” page.

Thank you for visiting my site and completing the circle!

Pascale was born and raised in France. Her love for nature and music led her to obtain a PhD in marine biology and to graduate from the Music Conservatory of Grenoble (France). Always and throughout, photography has been her most enduring passion. She started photography as a teenager when she received her father’s old camera. Later, she studied photography at Di Anza, Foothill College and Solano College in California and has earned a number of international awards.  Pascale undertakes commissioned work for magazines, publishers, corporate as well as other clients who require top quality photographs. She lives in Monterey, California with her family.

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